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Dental Implants Myths, Debunked



Dental Implants

Dental implants offer a second chance in everyday life if you lose your natural teeth from decay or an accident to the mouth. However, there has been a lot of misinformation and outright lies about dental implants. The article below will debunk the most prevalent myths about dental implants.

Fake Appearance

Even though most people want to chew as they did before they lost a tooth, there may be the issue of the dental implant standing out from the rest of the teeth. Therefore, you need not worry, as most teeth replacement options, such as zirconia and titanium, will be made to closely match the appearance of the rest of your teeth as much as possible.

Dental Implants Are Not Safe

This is a widely spread myth based on the fact that metals are used to make artificial teeth. However, this myth cannot be further from the truth because all the materials used in making the teeth are completely safe and approved by the American Dentist Association and the FDA. For the most part, the risk is only prevalent if an incompetent dentist does the implants. 

So as long as you go to an experienced and certified dental implant specialist, there are no risks. You can also take comfort in that dental implants have been done for many years with high chances of success.

Dental Implants Process is Lengthy

Great candidates with adequate bone density and healthy lifestyles take less than a year to heal completely after the dental implants are placed. It will take longer if the dentist has to do a bone graft first to ensure the abutment is fixed correctly in the gums. The grafting process will increase the overall time it takes to heal, which even in this case is a little over a year.

Dental Implantation is Painful

This rumour mill may be facilitated by the process where the dentist will make incisions on the gum to place the screw that will hold the new tooth. Worry not as the area of surgery will be numbed during the procedure, and some pain medication is offered afterwards. The pain is relative and goes away after a couple of days post-surgery.

Dental Implants are Prone to Fail

Just as with your natural teeth, good oral hygiene is paramount to maintaining healthy teeth. Brushing, flossing, and rinsing with a mouth wash at least two times a day, especially after meals, will maintain your teeth for a lifetime. Periimplantitis is a bacterial infection that will result from poor hygiene practices and is easily avoidable. You can have the done-in-one implants experience if you take time to care for the teeth properly.

Dental Implants are Costly

Dental implants are long-term investments in your oral health regarding cost. After years of wearing dentures and bridges, you will eventually need to get the done-in-one implants. The cost also depends on the number of teeth being replaced and other additional procedures like bone grafting that may need to be done. 

It also helps that most dental insurance pays for half the cost, and you come up with the other half. Proper budgeting will have you in a better position financially to get those new teeth you need.

Dental Implants cannot be for Cosmetic Reasons

You may not like how your teeth look for one reason, even if they are healthy. Dental implants will help replace the teeth that are less than ideal for you for an even more confident smile and boost of confidence.

Dental Implants is Dependant on Age

There is no relevance or connection between dental implants and age. However, you can be a viable candidate for done-in-one implants regardless of your age or bone health. This myth is that older people have less bone density in the jaw and age-related diseases such as diabetes. 

These conditions disqualify anyone from getting a dental implant as grafts correct the worn-out jawbones. The dentist will go over any relevant health issues you may have and adjust the anaesthesia and pain medication accordingly during the consultation.

Dental implants can be the new lease in life; you need to enjoy food and smile without worry. Having the correct information is crucial, and a trusted dentist will be more than happy to provide you with the answers you need to get comfortable. The research will also help before you visit the dentist’s office.

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