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Dealing with Listed Health Problems? Don’t Delay Making a Doctor’s Appointment.



Dealing with Listed Health Problems? Don't Delay Making a Doctor's Appointment. image2


Visiting a doctor’s office is not anyone’s idea of fun. The “what ifs” about your health start taking over your mind. Doctor’s Appointment Many people end up feeling anxious because they fear the unknown. If your anxiety is centered upon fear of the unknown and leads you to the worst-case self-diagnosis, it is best to schedule an appointment with your doctor. 

A typical appointment with your doctor requires taking time out of our busy schedule to fill out forms and answer questions mentioned therein. Thanks to the digitization that makes things easier, people consider book doctor’s appointments online.

Given the modern world we live where we are often burdened with roles and responsibilities, it is very common that we tend to dismiss our health concerns. While both men and women contract various health issues, some affect women differently and more commonly.

Dealing with Listed Health Problems? Don't Delay Making a Doctor's Appointment.

Jan Steen’s The Doctor’s Visit, c. 1663 (Image Source: Wikipedia)

Furthermore, many women’s health conditions go undetected, and most drug trials do not incorporate female test subjects. Several health conditions are Doctor’s Appointment present more often in females and can cause more harm to them. For instance, urinary tract conditions are present more in females, and sexually transmitted diseases pose a serious threat to women more often.

While an occasional symptom can be ignored, it is best to schedule a doctor’s appointment if it keeps persisting for long. While it is common for us to miss out on symptoms, we have prepared a list of certain red flag symptoms a woman should not overlook. Read on to know more.

Changes in Your Breasts

It’s not uncommon for your breasts to change their shape and size due to Doctor’s Appointment weight gain or loss or during pregnancy. But if your breasts change without any underlying reason, then it is a sign for you to ring your doctor.

In addition to checking lumps, also watch out for any nipple discharge. Discharge, Doctor’s Appointment especially bloody or clear, can be a sign of breast cancer. Women are usually advised to schedule an appointment with the doctor every year to get the breasts examined and keep a check on these signs.

Unexplained weight loss

Daily weight fluctuation is normal. The average adults’ weight fluctuates up to 5-6 pounds per day. In case a woman experiences a sudden weight loss or a Doctor’s Appointment weight gain, it could signal an alarming health issue without an underlying reason (a healthy regime).

Rapid weight loss in women could be a sign of cancer or other serious diseases. While rapid weight gain could be a symptom of thyroid and diabetes.

Unexplained Bleeding

When it’s about your monthly cycle, you know what is normal for you. But if you frequently experience heavy or painful periods that are unlike ordinary, it could be a Doctor’s Appointment symptom of gynecological problems like uterine fibroids. It is time for you to see your doctor.

Furthermore, if you experience bleeding in between periods, vaginal discharge colored with blood, or bleeding after menopause, visit your gynecologist immediately. 

Abnormal bleeding may occur for many Doctor’s Appointments for different reasons; gynecological cancers like cervical or uterine cancer are among them. Do not overlook any signs. Note the duration and frequency of the same.

Sudden Numbness or swelling in Hands/Feet

Bloating when you are on your period or during your pregnancy is normal. However, if there is swelling in your hands and feet without any underlying reason, it might be some sign of a heart valve problem due to the buildup of fluids in the body.

Also, frequent numbness, weakness, or tingling sensation in your hand or feet is a sign that should not be overlooked. It can be a red flag for a possible stroke or a bulging disk that is pressing your nerve that, if overlooked, can cause serious neurological damage.

Chest Pain

Women generally waive chest pain by calling it heartburn, gas, or indigestion. But a searing chest pain could be a possible indicator of a serious health problem that might need a professional opinion. When chest pains are followed by shortness of breath or pain around the area, it could be a sign of cardiac blockage and in rare cases, a heart attack.

Do not ignore These Signs.

As a woman, you probably are busy juggling Doctor’s Appointment between career and family. You may not prioritize your needs or indulge in self-care. But if it comes to your health, you need to give everything else a backseat. 

Remember your health is the driving force that helps you keep a balance in life. So if you experience any unusual symptoms, don’t ignore them, listen to your intuition.

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