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Call Center Leads: 5 Ways to Identify Your Best Partner



Call Center Leads: 5 Ways to Identify Your Best Partner 1234

Call center leads. Outsourcing your call center lead generation services makes sense – but the partner you pick will make a huge difference in how successful you are. For leads to turn into sales, you need high-quality leads from a partner you can trust.

Not All Leads Are Equal

As you’ve probably already noticed, not all leads are created equal. If the leads your call center is using aren’t high quality, you may end up wasting a lot of time cold calling people who simply aren’t ready to buy. 

And that’s assuming your agents are able to reach anyone in the first place. Some leads may turn into immediate dead ends with numbers that are incorrect or abandoned. Obviously, no matter how good your sales agents are, they can’t close the deal if they can’t actually reach anyone.

Without high-quality leads, you’re wasting everyone’s time. You need a lead generation partner you can count on to deliver superior leads. 

But What Exactly Makes a Lead High Quality? Here’s what to look for … 

1. Lead Generation That Respects the Buyer’s Journey

Some purchases – like candy bars and breath mints – tend to be impulsive. That’s why grocery stores put these in the checkout aisles where customers can grab them while waiting in line. Other purchases, however, require more thought and time. 

The buyer’s journey is a term that’s used to describe the typical steps a consumer goes through before making a purchase. Although it can be broken down in different ways, here’s the gist:

  • Initially, the consumer might not be aware of the product or their need for it.
  • Then something happens to make the consumer aware of the product or their need for it.
  • The consumer learns more about the product.
  • The consumer makes a purchase decision. 

Your lead generation partner should respect this journey – but many lead generation services don’t. 

If all you care about is collecting as many leads as possible, you’ll take leads from anywhere on the buyer’s journey. Unfortunately, these leads often don’t go anywhere. 

People don’t want to be pressured into making purchases, and modern consumers are especially wary of high-pressure sales tactics. They know that information is out there, and they want to take their time learning about products before making a decision. 

Consumers in the early stage of the buyer’s journey simply aren’t ready to buy. As a result, you need leads that focus on consumers who are ready to make a purchase. 

Don’t waste the time of your sales team with sales leads that go nowhere. When looking for lead generation call center services, look for a partner that provides high-quality, qualified leads from people who are ready to buy. 

2. Cost-Effective Lead Generation Services

It’s simple math. If your cost per acquisition (CPA) is high, this cost eats into your profits. If you can reduce your CPA, you can increase your profits. This will allow you to grow your business.  

To succeed, you need a call center lead generation partner that provides a good ROI. This won’t happen if you’re paying for low-quality leads that result in dead ends and wasted time for your sales team. Your call center needs to focus on calls that result in sales. 

Part of this comes down to what we covered in the last section. You need a partner that provides high-quality leads that focus on people who are ready to buy. These are the calls that are most likely to result in sales. 

You also want a partner that uses lead generation strategies known for returning a good ROI. Many lead generation strategies hinge on web forms that consumers fill out to request more information – but many of these consumers aren’t ready to buy yet because they’re still in the early stages of the buyer’s journey. An alternative method, the inbound pay per call marketing method, has consumers who are ready to purchase call your call center. 

3. Exclusive Call Center Leads for Your Company

Even if a customer is ready to buy, that doesn’t guarantee that they’ll buy from you. Providing superior customer service and a great product can help you stand out among your competitors – unless you’ve already lost the sale.

If your leads are shared, your competitors might beat you to the sale. When this happens, it doesn’t matter how ready the customer is to buy or how great your sales team is. You’ve already lost the sale.

This is where exclusive leads have an advantage. When you choose a partner that provides exclusive leads, you can avoid losing sales to competitors. 

4. Lead Generation That Scales with Your Call Center

With a great partner, you’ll be able to reach more high-quality prospects and make more sales. Once you start making more final expense leads, you’ll be able to grow your business. As you grow your business, you’ll need more leads.

At the same time, you don’t want to pay for more leads than you can handle. That isn’t a cost-effective approach. 

This is why it’s important to choose a call center leads partner that provides scalable and flexible leads. As your call center grows, you can scale your sales. With the right partner, the sky’s the limit. 

5. Call Center Leads That Comply with All Regulations

In recent years, spam, robocalls, and scams have become major concerns. Your call center may be operating in a completely above board and ethical manner, but if your leads come from less scrupulous sources, you could have a problem.  

Your call center needs a partner that delivers leads while complying with all relevant regulations.

For example, lead generation services should comply with anti-spam laws, including the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. Among other things, this means that emails must include an unsubscribe link. Your call center lead partner should also take compliance with all other laws and regulations, such as Federal Trade Commission regulations and U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act, seriously. 

Compliance is important to avoid fines and other legal issues. It’s also an important part of maintaining your company’s reputation. To close deals, you need to build a strong rapport built on a foundation of trust. 

How Digital Market Media Stacks Up

Digital Market Media is the leader in pay-per-call marketing. Our real-time calls marketplace delivers customers who are serious enough about buying that they call. All you have to do to start a steady flow of new customers for your sales team to close… is turn on your account. 

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