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10 Learn Best Programming Language for Hacking



Best Programming Language

The language used to construct computer programs is a Best programming language. Developed programs can include operating systems, data-based software and networking solutions. The art of business networks legitimately penetrating ethical hacking is to identify possible faults for hackers to use for a single network entry.

1.      Python

Python, the de-facto programming language, is regarded as the best hacking programming language – and for valid reasons. Ethical hackers also use this complex programming language for hacking.


It is the best hacking programming language into web servers.

Makes writing automation scripts reasonably easy.

Python helps you to identify the target network easily and to speed up prototyping.

2.      SQL

SQL is one of the preferred hacking programming languages for ethic hackers and stands for Structured Query Language. It is for querying and gathering database information.


·         SQL is not a conventional programming language used primarily for database contact.

·         Black hat hackers are using this language to create SQL-based hacking programmes.

·         Hackers typically use SQL to execute unauthorized login requests.

3.      C

No doubt C is still commonly used in the security field, the holy grail of contemporary programming languages. In terms of access to low-level modules such as the RAM, C has an advantage over other languages used for hacking programming.


·         C is a fast programming language of low level.

·         Like Windows and Unix, most modern systems are designed with C, so you must understand this language thoroughly.

·         C is also used to access memory and device functions at low levels after a system has been corrupted.

4.      JavaScript

With the recent release of Node.JS, JavaScript has overshadowed PHP’s position as the web’s de facto language. It has now become the best language for mobile programming apps.


The option to create cross-site hacking systems is a de-facto one.

JavaScript can very quickly exploit DOM browsers to make it a suitable option for Internet worms.

5.      PHP

PHP is an acronym of a complex programming language for the Hypertext Preprocessor that today’s CMs like Drupal and WordPress are integrated on.


Older PHP websites also have deprecated scripts; you can hack them quickly to reach servers.

A better knowledge of hacking’s scripting language ensures that you can navigate faulty websites as soon as you see them.

6.      C++

It is potentially one of the easiest languages to program corporate applications for hacking. Since most business software is certified and often needs charged activation, hackers often have to perform reverse engineering to circumvent this.


The object-oriented C++ design helps hackers to write new and powerful hacking programmes easily and efficiently.

Statically, C++ is typed, which ensures that at compile-time, you can avoid certain trivial errors.

7.      Java

The Java language in the industry is now the most used. It drives several ‘legacy’ and new web servers, such as the Apache Tomcat and Spring MVC. In comparison, Java technology is now running over 3 billion smartphone devices with Android’s inception.


Like C++, Java is also used by hackers in applications paid for by reverse engineers.

Trained penetration testers are used widely to curate scalable servers for payload distribution.

Java allows professional, ethical programmers to build state-of-the-art hacking frameworks.

8.      Perl

About what you might say, Perl coding bases still use a wide range of business tools. Although this hacking language has long lost its appeal, many old programmes do use Perl.


Perl remains the best language possible for managing Unix system text files.

Perl’s extensible nature enables hackers to use this language to generate a huge amount of hacking programmes.

Perl has the most regular systems such that Perl scripts can pass across a wide variety of computers.

9.      LISP

The solution for developing creative solutions for software problems by old class hackers was LISP, one of the best hacking programming languages.


LISP is independent of the computer and can also curate custom hacking programmes.

LISP provides a high-level debugging capability to help you locate executive mistakes in corporate systems.

LISP offers fast implementation and the creation of efficient exploits and payloads of convenient Macrosystems.

10.  Bash

And if the programming language is not exactly full-fledged, Bash is a must if you want to learn hacking programmes. Bash is the default Unix command shell, and all major servers are installed over Unix.


Bash helps you to simplify most of the hacking applications you use for realizing.

Bash is the perfect option for a scripted framework if you are involved in building highly complex filesystems and directory tree modified scripts.

It is important to have a thorough knowledge of this shell to correctly use hacking programs such as NMAP, Armitage, and Metasploit.

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