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20 Best Cars for College Students to Buy Right Now!



best cars for college students

College students face the problem of going to college on a bus. Some people have investments to spend before they go to college on a car. But what are some of the best cars for college students? There are many cars available in the market. It is stressful to find the affordable and best car for college students. 

Our best memories are made in our college car. A car is not only a vehicle; it is also a statement of style. An excellent and stylish car is required to make college trips adventurous. The car is a vehicle utility for everyone, but not everyone can afford it. Doing car research is challenging and a technical task. Many college students do not know of car technical stuff like what is torque, which variant to buy and many other things.   

The second-hand car market is filled with many cars, and in that market, the vehicle’s condition is good and at a low price. For college people, a car is required, which is at an affordable price, low maintenance cost, and must come with good mileage. If you are looking for the best cars for college students, read below; we have come up with the perfect cars for students that will fit in your budget and also take your fun with friends to the next level.    

Things to Consider Before Buying A Car

There are many things which you should consider before buying a car. Before purchasing a vehicle, what should you have to consider in a car? But what are the things to consider? Let’s take a look at them and make your car purchase easy. We will share what things to include before buying the best cars for college students. 

Affordability: The first thing to consider before buying a car is affordability; if you have a tight budget, you will look at a car that fits into your budget. Before buying a car, consider looking into your bank account and go with that car that fits under your pocket.

Body Type of Car:  Body type is essential before purchasing a car in India. It depends upon you what you see in a car. Most people want to stand out with the different looks of the vehicle. There are many body designs of vehicles like Hatchbacks, Sedans and SUVs. If you have a parking problem, you should go with Hatchback, and if you are looking for a slim design, then checkout with Sedan. SUVs are the king of cars SUVs have a power efficient engine.   

Transmission of Car: The transmission type of a car is required to fit your hand in driving. In the past time, cars are only available in Manual transmission, but now the vehicles are coming into Automatic transmission. In Automatic transmission, you do need to take your hand on the gear handle, and the car will automatically shift the gear by sensors of acceleration. 

Safety Rating of the Car: A car’s safety rating is necessary to keep on a safer side. Safety ratings help to be safe from an accident. Who wants to keep their loved ones in danger. The car companies are using the proper use of the Internet and adding more and more safety features to their cars. This is the main point to cover before purchasing the best cars for college students. 

Resale Value: Thinking about the future is the right decision, whether it is about your health or a car. Look, think like this if you purchased a vehicle and did not hit driving the car, what can you do? The only thing you can do is resale. A resale value is an essential thing to consider before buying a car. If you do not like the car you purchased, you can sell it at a high price. But the thing is, you should check the resale value of the car by visiting the market. 

Second-Hand Car: If you have a tight budget go with the second-hand car. First, you can learn to drive from a second-hand car and then purchase a new one. The thing you will love in a second-hand vehicle is you will not regret hitting it in a wall or somewhere else. A second-hand car is a good option if you want to learn to drive and if you want to learn more about cars. You can try out second-hand cars before considering the best cars for college students.        

Best Cars for College Students

20 Best Cars for College Students to Buy Right Now! best cars for college students

We will share with you the best cars for college students in India. The car prices start from 5 lacs rupees and go to 10 lacs rupees. Here we are going to share the 10 best cars; in this list of college student cars include Skoda, Maruti Suzuki, Mahindra, Tata, Honda, Kia and many other companies. 

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All these cars which we are going to share with you have the best exteriors, interiors, high-performance engine, attention-grabbing design, automatic/manual transmission, comfortable seats, excellent driving experience and many other unique features. Keep reading below; we have shared the best cars for college students.   

The Best Cars for College Students

Car NameCar Price 
Maruti Suzuki Ertiga8.12 Lacs Rupees
Maruti Suzuki Swift 5.90 Lacs Rupees
Tata Nexon 7.39 Lacs Rupees
Kia Seltos9.95 Lacs Rupees
Maruti Suzuki Baleno 7.01 Lacs Rupees
Tata Punch 5.64 Lacs Rupees
Mahindra Bolero8.99 Lacs Rupees
Maruti Suzuki Vitara Breeza 7.69 Lacs Rupees
Hyundai Venue 6.99 Lacs Rupees 
Kia Sonet 6.95 Lacs Rupees
Tata Tiago5.19 Lacs Rupees 
Maruti Suzuki Dzire 6.09 Lacs Rupees
Mahindra XUV 3008.16 Lacs Rupees
Honda City 4th Generation 9.29 Lacs Rupees
Hyundai i20 6.98 Lacs Rupees
Tata Altroz5.99 Lacs Rupees 
Hyundai Verna 9.32 Lacs Rupees
Nissan Magnite5.76 Lacs Rupees
Maruti Suzuki Celerio 5.15 Lacs Rupees
Renault Kwid4.24 Lacs Rupees
Tata Tigor5.76 Lacs Rupees


In conclusion, don’t just view the cars; give the cars a test drive and find out which suits you the best. Before purchasing a vehicle, don’t just forget to check the steering wheel of the vehicle; inspect it is sharp or slick. 

Also, don’t just forget the check the weight of the clutch and the weight. The most important thing is it’s your first automatic car; give it a try and take a test ride of that car before paying the money to showroom owners. Share best cars for college students’ blog with your college friends who are looking to purchase a new car.    

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