Are eyelash extensions worth it?


Not everyone should be born with dense, long, perfectly curled laughter, right? And while some are miracle workers, nobody does that well. I have used any mascara out there. Moreover, ever notices how these same women, even in their no-makeup selfies, still have flawless punching?

Well, all of them thanks to eyelash extensions, who are practically like hair extensions to your latch, when it comes to their long, enviable lash. More and more people are engaging inexpensive care, so you might have some acquaintances who tried it, and you might like to try it yourself.


You know the number one thing of extensions when you see someone with distractedly long lashes, so luscious and fluttery, that they may not be normal. You can even go about with the laboratories you’d prefer to be born with and you don’t need mascaras or sticky lash glue.

Lashes make your eyes pop and help to breathe life into a tired face. Some women even say it is more likely that they will take an all-natural approach to make it up because it feels so confident with long, smooth lashes. Custom-made lashes sound amazing, right? But there is someone out to warn you with any lash devotee: no upkeep extensions, they’re painful and they’re dumb to keep.


Before you can assess whether or not they are worth it, there are some serious drawbacks to lash extensions. They’re expensive first and foremost. Depending on the kind of lash that you like, a complete starter kit will comfortably score you between $120 and $200. And the touch-up charges are not also taken into account. You need to replace the extension every 2-3 weeks, as the expansion costs at least another $100, and the natural lash period. Beware of going to places that charge less.

All these places say they do lash extensions for $65, but typically, what you’re getting is a cluster. A cluster is essentially a bunch of lashes that have been pre-glued together — and they’re incredibly heavy. They’ll destroy your lashes.

Are they worth it?

Ok, here’s the hardest part of it all: the price. They can cost from $100 to $400 for a first-time application, and touch-ups may cost from $50 to $150 on each application, based on the amount of scratch you have and how long you have to wait for your appointment. It is not just a one-time fee that you can save, because you have them continuously updated. 

From the moment you wake up, you get a ‘natural camera’ look, making your eyes more open. Also, in the beauty routine, they are a morning saver. But I will certainly advise you to weigh the expense before you go this direction and ensure that it’s something you often choose to spend.

Deciding are eyelash extensions worth it? It is totally up to you to decide if you want a trade-off between cost and looks. Eye Lash Packaging Boxes Wholesale would leave a positive impact, differentiate the brand and run your sales smoothly.

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