All you need to know about the Fit Out works;


What a fit-out is?

You hear a lot of terms used in construction which may sometimes become confusing not only for you but for everyone not associated with the field. One of these construction terms will be under discussion in this article which is“fit-out works”.

A fit-out refers to a procedure that a person does to make the interior of a building suitable for occupation.

Part of construction

The construction of the structure includes two parts, the first part is to construct the outer skeleton of the building, which is a complicated, and time-consuming process.

The other is the interior construction to construct the inside of the construction suitable to be occupied. It is said to be the fit-out of the building. It is relatively an easy process and may consume less time, but still be costlier.

The fit-out work is a versatile process. It contains a variety of aspects to cover, hence it is further divided into various categories;

Different categories of fit-out

  1. The fitting of the core and shell around it

After constructing the outer skeleton of the building, then comes the costly and interesting part of the construction, “The interior construction”.

You require a proper matting of the ground, the walls should properly be distempered, the stairs and the staircase construction, car parking, lift areas, toilets, basements and much more.

All these requirements are necessary to be fulfilled.

  • The category A fit-out

It requires the items which are necessary before the usage of construction is started. It may include basic units such as wiring for electricity, plumbing etc.

Some of the highlighted aspects of this category are:

  • The sockets for electricity
  • System for fire protection
  • Installation of smoke detectors
  • Toilets
  • Proper grid ceiling
  • An internal heating, AC, and internal heating system
  • Category B

This category involves the items and things required by the people working there. It might be different for different buildings, depending upon the office which to be setup.

It is more towards interior designing than the engineering. You may establish it according to your likings and priorities.

Some of the important things that are being considered in this category are

  • Furniture
  • The lighting
  • Flooring with tiles marbles or any other material desired
  • Painting
  • Portioning
  • Branding of the company

In other words, this stage is an aesthetic fit-out phase where the interior is to be made more attractive and specific to the business- the office is going to carry.

Point to be remembered in fit-out work:

The fit-out work requires a lot of thinking and patience to achieve the best. Following are some of the points that may help you to do so

  1. Not to rush through the planning phase

The planning phase is an important phase of the construction. It requires proper time and attention. The future of the company, its employees, etc. all is considered while planning, and a final blueprint is created

So rushing through this step might increase the pace of your construction temporarily but might cost a lot to the company in the future. It might not only be a financial loss but a loss of time too.

So this step should be given enough time to get the best out of it.

  • The budget should be kept in mind

An important aspect on which the quality of fit-out depends is the budget. The budget of the building should be proper and should cover all the necessities required for the office.

If you are short on budget, you may likely invest in something else rather than building an office because an incomplete office can never be productive.

  • The office should get adequate lighting and airflow

There must be a proper airflow in the office. You might not feel its need while building but it becomes a necessity when the office work starts. An office has a huge team which may cause congestion if proper airflow is not maintained Therefore a proper windows of big size should be installed to maintain the airflow and light.

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